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Through the Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative, OURF has been providing grants to worthy education projects in Indonesia for the last 8 years, and to develop our vision has initiated and supported the following:

Active Image1) Facilitating and supporting events such as Orang Utan Caring Week (Pekan Peduli Orang Utan)  internationally and Earthday.





Active Image2) Organizing and hosting conferences, workshops, symposia and seminars for Indonesian educators and government officials.




Active Image3) Collaborating with other orangutan organizations to develop and deliver education curricula to reduce human-orangutan conflict.




Active Image4) Developing media in Bahasa Indonesia that will target Indonesian youth and adults through public service announcements, documentaries, booklets, posters, videos, etc.







Active Image5) Establishing & managing a competitive local Indonesian award and scholarship programs for conservation curriculum development particularly in habitat areas.




CPOI Sumatra Utara during tree planting event6) Supporting and encouraging the Orangutan Caring Club of Indonesia to create and deliver quality education and conservation education programs to target audiences in North Sumatra and elsewhere.



OURF website7) Establishing and maintaining this website to distribute information electronically.






newsletter18) Producing a periodic newsletter and e-Update to communicate with its supporters. (To access archived issues, please register on the home page).