hands-worldA main strategy of OURF is to collaborate with other organizations. OUREI, and now OURF, partners with other like-minded groups and people who share our values to plan and execute programs and projects. Indeed, the future success of our mission is dependent upon establishing, nurturing and deepening such relationships. As co-founder Inggriani Shapiro has said, "It takes a world to save a species."

Partnerships range from loose affiliations to contractual agreements and MoUs.

OURF has been partnering with the following companies, governments, and non-government organizations to further the mission of the organization:

  • Companies: Excelso; Nuubia Chocolat; Chandler FarmBigmarker; Orangutan Odysseys, Sculptures by Shanaman; Body Shop; Multimedia Communications; Ford Indonesia; Carbon Central Network.
  • Governments: United States Fish & Wildlife; USAID, Eurpoean Union, Indonesian Ministry of Forestry; Parliament of Indonesia; Governor of Sumatra; Bupati of Pangkalan Bun; Acehese Conservation Agency; Forestry Department of North Sumatra; Gunung Leuser National Park authority.
  • Academic Institutions: University of Kuala Syiah, King Chavez Community High School. 
  • NGOs: Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative Indonesia, Club Peduli Orangutan Indonesia-Sumatra Utara, Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs, Animal Health Foundation of California, The Orangutan Project, Giving Library,  Little Indonesia , Helping Hands for Animals,  Orangutan Conservancy, Orangutan Outreach, Orangutan Information Centre, Orangutan Land Trust, Sumatran Orangutan Society, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program, Fauna & Flora International, Yayasan Palung.
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