Here are some images taken during the 2011 "Branching Out" Fundraiser on August 6, 2011. Photos by Allen Altchech Photography, unless otherwise noted.















above: organizational banner announces who is benefiting from the event.

below: volunteers help prepare the appetizers for the VIP reception





above: cheerful volunteers help greet attendees during check-in

below: Talented Balinese dancer, Desak Nyoman, performs for the VIP group
















above: a happy VIP sits while Ed Begley, Tom Kenny, and host Debi Derryberry stand nearby. Debi's son River is also in the picture. 

below: with Orley the orangutan in the front, (from left to right), Tom Kenny, Ed Begley Jr., Gary Shapiro, Sarah Collins (youth ambassador), John Densmore, Debi Derryberry, and emcee & NBC weatherman, Fritz Coleman.


























above: Legedary Doors drummer/conservationist John Densmore, voice celebrity/host Debi Derryberry, and actor/environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. 

below: incredibly delicious hand-crafted chocolates from nuubiaChocolat.

























above: NBC  weatherman/emcee Fritz Coleman warms up the crowd with his mix of humor and seriousness about the cause.

below: a portion of the crowd assembled to watch the festivities at the opening of the fundraiser program.

























above: Balinese Yunda Martha performs the "fragrant flower dance" for the audience.

below: OURF Boardmember Ed Begley, Jr. explaining the need to appreciate the ecological role of species, like orangutans, to the survival of all of us.














above: John Densmore, the drummer from the legendary group, The Doors, continues to inspire with tribal music benefiting people and wildlife.

below: OURF President Gary Shapiro accepts donation to OURF's Orangutan Caring Scholarship program from members of the Animal Health Foundation of California to help matriculate veterinarians in Aceh, Sumatra. 
























above: JP Taylor sings "Being an Orangutan" to the assembled crowd in a pre-recorded video message.


above: OURF President Gary Shapiro presents the Pongo Award to Leif Cocks, president of the Australian Orangutan Project via Skype honoring the organization's sustained support of OURF and its programs.

below: Fundraiser emcee Fritz Coleman monitors the raffle portion of the program while River Jordan and his friends give a prize to a winning attendee.






above: the Wollner Family receive a certficate of appreciation from OURF for their significant technical contributions in the AV aspects of the event.

below: OURF Boardmember and author/journalist Shawn Thompson (The Intimate Ape) receives a certificate of appreciation from OURF for his literary contributions that have made orangutans understandable to a general audience.



























above: The Porch Girls entertain the audience with their sweet and traditional folk music into the night.

below: The Porch Girls pose with Fritz and Ed in a closing moment of the event.














above: fundraiser attendees celebrate event in a drum circle. Can you find our youngest drummer, Toby?



The 2011 Annual Fundraiser Organizers and Volunteers


  • Susan Callery
  • Wendy Wiseman
  • Allison Saldana
  • Gary Shapiro



  • Harvey Jordan & Debi Derryberry


Commitee Members

  • Roger Kintz
  • Wendy Hoole-Cundiff
  • Kelsey Howard
  • Gary Wollner


Event Volunteers

  • Shauna Callery
  • John Callery
  • Rob Fitzroy
  • Delarey Wagener
  • Terri Wollner
  • Brandon Wollner
  • Kim Wollner
  • Laura Tenenbaum
  • Bobby King
  • Allen Altchech
  • Tolu Awosika
  • Kylie Montoya
  • Heather Connor
  • Cailyn Conner
  • Gabriella Skollar
  • Heather Chilson
  • Paula Guenon
  • Jasdeve Singh
  • Jerry Washington
  • Marcie Basso
  • Gabriel Basso
  • Susana Martinez
  • The Martinez daughters
  • Cyril Wright



The Annual Fundraising Committee would like to acknowledge the following organizations and people for their significant financial & material support benefiting the Orang Utan Republik Foundation's 2011 "Branching Out" Fundraising event.

                PeakPRgroup                             Newtritious           
OneHope SmartWater
CocaCola    HonestTea
biobag nbcuniversal
San Diego Zoo Gibbon Conservation Center
Jeanie Joe KTWF
Body Shop Trader Joe's
Sun Cafe' REMO-Recreational Music Center
Hold that Smile Tiffany's
Wokcano The Discover Your Voice Foundation
Clos Pepe AirDD
Starbucks  Pyrrha Designs
The Porch Girls  
Ed Begley Jr. John Densmore
Doug Fretty Fritz Coleman
Andy Natker Inggriani Shapiro
Debi Derryberry Harvey Jordan
Leah Danberg Susan Callery
Joyita Ghose Kerry Michael Warren
Stephen Bennett Kandy Stern
Howard Hill Desak Nyoman
Soedomo Mergonto  Brandon Wollner
Patricia Hebert Tolu Awosika
 Juliana Chiado
Karen Mangini
Doron Gazit
Jean Chaffee
Yunda Martha  



celebritygroup1Saturday, August 6, 2011 was the date of the Orang Utan Republik Foundation's latest fundraiser. It was held at the home of entertainer Debi Derryberry and photographer Harvey Jordan. A fundraising committee brought together celebrities and performers to entertain and inspire as well as volunteers to help with the various aspects of this type of outdoor event. A video clip of the event is available here.

The theme this year was "Branching Out" as OURF continues to branch out into conservation as well as its traditional education focus. Also, OURF continues to reach out across the planet to enroll and inspire more people to become involved in spreading the message about the species and its plight. 

We had a number of celebrities in attendance. Actors Ed Begley Jr. and Gabriel Basso (Super 8) were at the event and participated on stage.  Musician John Densmore (of The Doors) entertained and inspired the crowd with his drumming to a traditional African tribal song. Fritz Coleman, NBC weatherman and standup comic, was our outstanding emcee and auctioneer. Voice actor Tom Kenny,(SpongeBob SquarePants) joined colleague and host Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron) to provide a group of interesting and talented people. 

During the course of the evening, attendees were able to see how OURF's programs are moving forward. A check for $8,000 from the Animal Health Foundation (AHF) was presented to OURF to support the Orangutan Caring Scholarship veterinary program. In addition, OURF president Gary Shapiro used Skype video to present the distinguished Pongo Award to Leif Cocks in Perth, Australia, to honor the Australian Orangutan Project (AOP). On a big screen, Leif accepted the award and expressed his appreciation for the honor. AOP has supported OURF's scholarship program in addition to other OURF initiatives over the years. Later, via Skype video from Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia, the members of the Orangutan Caring Club of North Sumatra addressed the attendees to thank and express their appreciation for the fundraising efforts.

Attendees to the fundraiser enjoyed vegetarian and vegan delights and exquisite orangutan-safe chocolates (nuubiaChocolat) and palm oil-free cookies (Shawn Thompson's receipe)  while tasty beverages were provided through PeakPR and their associates (One Hope, Coca-cola, Honest Tea, and Smart Water).  

Entertainment was provided by "The Porch Girls" a wonderful folk music band; JP Taylor sang "Being an Orangutan" through a pre-recorded video broadcast; Debi Derryberry sang "Oodle the Orangutan" on guitar, John Densmore had the audience singing an African chant while he played on drums, and some exquisite Balinese dancing was performed by two talented Balinese ladies.

Our guests were able to participate in the silent and live auction as well as the raffle drawing to help raise funds and acquire well discounted gift items. While funds are still being received, OURF has already been able to raise over $20,000 as a result of the fundraiser and the AHF contribution.

In conclusion, everyone appeared to enjoy the 2011 Fundraiser. OURF thanks our hosts, Debi and Harvey; our fundraising team and event volunteers; and all the donors of products, services and entertainment which contributed to the success of this year's event.