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Here are some images taken during the 2011 "Branching Out" Fundraiser on August 6, 2011. Photos by Allen Altchech Photography, unless otherwise noted.















above: organizational banner announces who is benefiting from the event.

below: volunteers help prepare the appetizers for the VIP reception





above: cheerful volunteers help greet attendees during check-in

below: Talented Balinese dancer, Desak Nyoman, performs for the VIP group
















above: a happy VIP sits while Ed Begley, Tom Kenny, and host Debi Derryberry stand nearby. Debi's son River is also in the picture. 

below: with Orley the orangutan in the front, (from left to right), Tom Kenny, Ed Begley Jr., Gary Shapiro, Sarah Collins (youth ambassador), John Densmore, Debi Derryberry, and emcee & NBC weatherman, Fritz Coleman.


























above: Legedary Doors drummer/conservationist John Densmore, voice celebrity/host Debi Derryberry, and actor/environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. 

below: incredibly delicious hand-crafted chocolates from nuubiaChocolat.

























above: NBC  weatherman/emcee Fritz Coleman warms up the crowd with his mix of humor and seriousness about the cause.

below: a portion of the crowd assembled to watch the festivities at the opening of the fundraiser program.

























above: Balinese Yunda Martha performs the "fragrant flower dance" for the audience.

below: OURF Boardmember Ed Begley, Jr. explaining the need to appreciate the ecological role of species, like orangutans, to the survival of all of us.














above: John Densmore, the drummer from the legendary group, The Doors, continues to inspire with tribal music benefiting people and wildlife.

below: OURF President Gary Shapiro accepts donation to OURF's Orangutan Caring Scholarship program from members of the Animal Health Foundation of California to help matriculate veterinarians in Aceh, Sumatra. 
























above: JP Taylor sings "Being an Orangutan" to the assembled crowd in a pre-recorded video message.


above: OURF President Gary Shapiro presents the Pongo Award to Leif Cocks, president of the Australian Orangutan Project via Skype honoring the organization's sustained support of OURF and its programs.

below: Fundraiser emcee Fritz Coleman monitors the raffle portion of the program while River Jordan and his friends give a prize to a winning attendee.






above: the Wollner Family receive a certficate of appreciation from OURF for their significant technical contributions in the AV aspects of the event.

below: OURF Boardmember and author/journalist Shawn Thompson (The Intimate Ape) receives a certificate of appreciation from OURF for his literary contributions that have made orangutans understandable to a general audience.



























above: The Porch Girls entertain the audience with their sweet and traditional folk music into the night.

below: The Porch Girls pose with Fritz and Ed in a closing moment of the event.














above: fundraiser attendees celebrate event in a drum circle. Can you find our youngest drummer, Toby?