mother orangutan at Bukit Lawang orangutan viewing areaOne way to take action is to "vote with your feet" as an ecotourist

OURF is once again partnering with Orangutan Odysseys of Australia to offer two exclusive ecotours to Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo and Gunung Leuser National Park in Sumatra:  July 2014 with  book author Shawn Thompson and September 2014 with OURF President Dr. Gary Shapiro. Both will be great opportunities to experience the wonder of both the orangutans and the environment in which they live. A portion of the cost of the trip is a donation to OURF and will be tax-deductible for US tourists.  Information and sign up forms are available at



OURF's Indonesian partners (OUREI Indonesia and CPOI-Sumut) are also preparing to offer multi-day ecotours to Kalimantan and Sumatra. It is an opportunity to not only visit orangutans and other wildlife in the wild, but to provide funding to our Indonesian partners. 

OUREI Indonesia (in Jakarta) will be working with a local tour operator to provide several tour options to Kalimantan while CPOI-Sumut (in Medan) will be partnering with a local tour company to offer tours to Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra. 

OURF will be listing selected tour itineraries and schedules on this website once our partners have finalized them. In the meantime, consider visiting the orangutans of Indonesia in the coming months.