ccnlogoAre you interested in reducing your carbon footprint?  How about playing a part in the survival of a virgin rain forest and the numerous species found within? Are you interested in making extra income and helping OURF raise funds in the process? If so, you can get involved in the worldwide effort to combat global warming by participating in the global carbon credit market.

There are a number of programs being developed that allow people to purchase and trade carbon credits from companies certified and registered to sell carbon credits or offsets. Such credits or offsets can be derived from projects that reduce or sequester CO2 or promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.  By purchasing credits, you can offset your carbon footprint when you travel or participate in activities know to generate significant CO2. The average American generates nearly 20 metric tons of CO2 per year- more than twice the global per capita average. 


OURF is partnering with  Carbon Central Network  (CCN) in a new and innovative program that is helping to conserve large tracks of high conservation value (HCV) rain forest in West Papua, Indonesia. Managing large tracks of rain forest whose carbon storage capacity has been carefully measured and monitored enables the certification of such forests for carbon offsets. 

Visit CCN  to learn more about the carbon market, the background of the Rimba "Mega Lestari" Rain Forest Conservation Project, and the potential of participating in our carbon future. You can register for free to learn more about how you can earn money from this growing industry with CCN.

Your involvement in this exciting new market could help raise funds for OURF and ensure the long-term future of HCV forest habitat and the species that live in those forests.