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The Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) is pleased to recognize those organizations and individuals who have chosen to support the Orangutan Caring Scholarship program, a joint initiative between the Yaysan Orangutan Sumatra Lestari-Orangutan Information Center (OIC) in Sumatra, Yayasan Palung in West Kalimantan, and OURF. In addition, it should be noted that donors to OURF have also supported the program as part of the general funds that are designated annually to the scholarship program by the Board of OURF.


Logo Name of Organization

       Year Supported &          Number  of Scholarships


Australian Orangutan Project

2012 - 4 scholarships

2011 - 4 scholarships

2010 - 4 scholarships

2009 - 2 scholarships

header_logo Animal Health Foundation 2012- 4 scholarships/internships
arcus Arcus Foundation 2008 - 4 scholarships
orangutanoutreach-500x200 Orangutan Outreach

2012 - 4 scholarships

2011 - 2 scholarships

2010 - 2 scholarships

oc_logo Orangutan Conservancy

2010 - 1 scholarship

2009 - 1 scholarship

sabinlogo Andrew Sabin Family Foundation 2012 - 2 scholarships
 church  Irvington Presbyterian Church  2008- 1 scholarship