Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) is also able to provide other attractive means to contribute financially to OURF.  Many of these options are normally used by larger organizations; but as OUREI is a project under SEE, you may be able to benefit from them while helping to insure the success of the Orang Utan Republik Foundation.


· Pledge - You may chose to make a quarterly pledge to maximize your donation, while avoiding a year-end cash-flow shortage.


· Transfer stock - You receive a tax deduction and offset capital gains taxes when you give stocks that have appreciated in value. Consider donating stocks that do not meet your criteria for social responsibility and we will convert them into positive action.


· Bequest - When preparing or revising your will, you can make a lasting gift to SEE/OUREI by designating it as a recipient of part of your estate.


· Trusts - Certain trust actions may reduce your taxes now or in the future, while supporting SEE/OUR EI. We can work with you and/or your financial advisor to set up such an arrangement.


· Life insurance, IRAs or pension plans - You may list SEE/OUREI as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, or pension plan. This affords tax advantages and allows you to give a larger gift than you might otherwise be able to.


· Memorial - You may honor a friend or a loved one with a memorial gift that can act on his or her beliefs.


· Take advantage of employer matching funds - If your employer has a policy of matching charitable contributions your donation to SEE/OUREI would automatically increase..


Call SEE at 818-225-9150 if you would like to arrange for one or more of these alternative forms of contribution.