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Indy Plush is a small Southern California company committed to making edgy and fun plush dolls made from materials that are environmentally sustainable, nature friendly, and from recycled products (like plastic bottles) from local or domestic sources.  The company is American Green certified and promotes environmentally friendly practices throughout their supply chain including the packaging of their products, the inks for printing, and the materials for displays.



Indy Plush partners with select nonprofit groups to provide funds from a percentage of the sales of their toys in various outlets like The Blvd Shop at LA Live, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Surf and Sand, Seed, Leon & Lulu, the Santa Barbara Art Museum, and the Malibu Beach Company .


Orang Utan Republik Foundation partnered with Indy Plush in 2015, joining several other animal groups benefiting from Indy Plush’s commitment to “save the world, one doll at a time.” In addition to providing a generous 15% of the sales of their dolls throughout the year, they also will provide 50% of the sales during special campaign months.


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NUUBIA SF is a local Bay Area artisan chocolatier making fine confections hand crafted from precious, humanely sourced ingredients.  

Besides being fine chocolatiers, the folks at Nuubia are avid conservationists. They have a distinct passion to protect the Planet, ecosystems, and endangered species. Mindful in all that they do, Nuubia SF avoids palm oil and all GMO ingredients in manufacturing their fine products.  To reduce harm that may be inadvertently caused to the environment, all their products, including packaging are sustainably sourced and made to strict certification standards.

They also support conservation and animal advocacy organizations, like OURF, in many ways.

If you are landing on this page from a Nuubia inspired portal, Nuubia founder, Alexandra Saunders would like you to learn more about OURF’s programs including the Mobile Education & Conservation Unit (MECU), a program that works with cacao farmers and others along the border to help improve their livelihoods sustainably while reducing the conflict between primates and farmers.





Nuubia SF is working with OURF and MECU to develop the Chocolate Wildlife Program which will provide a sustainable supply chain of single origin organic chocolate to Nuubia and feedback profits to OURF and MECU.


Founder Alexandra Saunders is one of the 2015 Pongo Environmental Award recipients given by Orang Utan Republik Foundation- honored for Nuubia’s commitment to the environment.


If you have discovered this page and have not experienced Nuubia Chocolat yet, consider visiting their website at to learn more about their products and consider trying them.


Panomatics is an innovative company providing 360 degree photographic virtual tours for hotels, resorts, cities and other organizations wanting to showcase their venues and services within an easy to use, dynamic webpage experience.

Owner Max Tramboo and his wife, Henrica, are concerned about the natural world and have partnered with OURF to provide funding and services to benefit orangutan conservation education. In addition to giving 2% of their profit to OURF, they have also produced a 360 degree panorama virtual tour of OURF’s programs in Sumatra.

In March 2015, Henrica organized and managed a fundraiser benefiting OURF in Bali.

DSC 5984-001


Max has also promoted the orangutan cause and has enrolled companies, like Colloseum Fashion Club, in Europe, to sell reusable carry bags to clients benefiting OURF.

The Tramboo’s are passionate about orangutans and all animals. They express their concern personally as devoted vegetarians.

Panomatics is a great example of how a small business can embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.

Visit their we bsite at to see how Panomatics could help make your organization or business come to life.

Global Partners


OURF values the corporate partners who have made a commitment to support our mission in various ways. Company leadership understands explicitly the value in what we are doing and wants to contribute in a tangible way. Some companies give a percentage of their sales or profits to our cause, others will help us reach a new audience by sharing information in their retail outlet, and some will stage events to raise funds for us. Whether you call it Corporate Social Responsibility or business-minded philanthropy, its impact is significant and appreciated.  We are happy to showcase those businesses who are significant partners in our continuous quest to fund our mission’s projects and programs. We hope you will visit their websites and consider supporting us through the purchase of their products and/or services.





 Nuubia SF


Indy Plush

Indy Plush


Project Name: Evolutionary Studies Collaborative's: Orangutan Caring Scholarship Fundraiser


The Evolutionary Studies Collaborative (ESC) working along with the ASEBL Journal and Bibliotekos is campaigning to raise funds for a single 4-year scholarship for a deserving Indonesian student as part of the successful Orangutan Caring Scholarship Program. The purpose of the program is to award tuition funding to talented and needy Indonesian students on a competitive basis enabling them to attend local universities in the fields of Forestry, Biology and Veterinary Science.

The program has recently awarded its 130th scholarship to students in Banda Aceh, Sumatra in May 2017. 


     03.SOCS2016  04.BOCS2016

     Students holding their scholarship awards in Medan, Sumatra (left) and in Ketapang, W. Kalimantan (right)


Why support the Orangutan Caring Scholarship program?  In addition to being able to attend university, scholarship recipients develop an understanding of the plight of the orangutan from the perspective of the nongovernmental organization (NGO). They graduate as advocates of orangutan conservation when entering the private, nonprofit or government workforce. The program has been successful in that since awarding its first single scholarship in 2006, it has graduated 70 students from both Sumatra and Borneo. Many of the graduates have moved into positions of influence and advocacy for the orangutan.  

Students in the United States and those who participate in the ESC know how hard it is to fund education these days. The challenge of fundraising for a single, 4-year scholarship for a needy student in Indonesia is worthy and a reachable goal. One 4-year scholarship is weighted at $1500. That is enough for the implementing NGO to administer the scholarship and tuition for four years as well as funds for the student's write up of their thesis. Learn more about the Orangutan Caring Scholarship here.

Want to help ESC?  Here is how you can help ESC fundraise to support the Orangutan Caring Scholarship program and raise the funds to help one aspiring student in 2017. Click on the Paypal button and enter the amount you would like to contribute. Donations on behalf of ESC to the Orang Utan Republik Foundation are fully tax-deductible (EIN: 26-0880405)



              100% of $1500 Goal!!!