9 August 2012 - Jakarta Globe - Wildlife conservationists are preparing to release another eight orangutans back into the wild from the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation’s Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center in Central Kalimantan, which released 15 endangered apes earlier this year. 

The orangutans, five male and three female, will be released into the Bukit Batikap today. Bungaran Saragih, chairman of the BOS Foundation board of trustees, said in a statement on Wednesday that the release left him “very happy and sad at the same time.” 

“Sad because we have to be separated from orangutans that have been under our care for a considerable time, but delighted that they can finally return to their real home,” he said. “Monitoring activities, which will continue for at least one year, are a vital part of our release program. We must ensure that the orangutans we are reintroducing can survive to form new, viable populations in the wild.” 

This release will contribute to the target set by the presidentially-mandated Indonesian Orangutan Conservation Action Plan, under which the foundation hopes to release into the wild all the fit orangutans at its rehabilitation centers in Central and East Kalimantan by 2015, including 40 from Nyaru Menteng this year. 

Jamartin Sihite, CEO of BOS, cited the need for “good relations” with the local authorities to achieve these goals.


reported by Fidelis E. Satriastanti