OUR Approach

Through the Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative & TOP-USA, OURF has been providing grants to worthy education projects in Indonesia for the last 15 years, and to develop our vision has initiated and supported the following:


  • the Orangutan Caring Scholarship Program and LP Jenkins Memorial Fellowship for Orangutan and Rainforest Research.

  • the Orang Utan Republik Education Indonesia, the Orangutan Caring Clubs, the Orangutan Caring Foundation of Indonesia  and the Sustainable Green Sumatra Foundation as all-Indonesian conservation advocacy groups.

  • the Mobile Education and Conservation Unit (MECU) program and the Community Education and Conservation Program (CECP) to reduce human-orangutan conflict and improve villager livelihood through sustainable agricultural techniques.

  • Dozens of organizations throughout Indonesia and Malaysia conserving and protecting orangutans through TOP-USA support.

  • annual events such as Orang Utan Caring Week (Pekan Peduli Orang Utan) internationally and Earthday.

  • petitions to take action on various issues such as the illegal pet trade and illegal destruction of forests.

  • conferences, workshops, symposia and seminars for Indonesian educators and government officials.

  • projects with other organizations that develop and deliver education curricula to reduce human-orangutan conflict.

  • Development of media in Bahasa Indonesia that will target Indonesian youth and adults through public service announcements, documentaries, booklets, posters, videos, etc.

  • websites (orangutanrepublik.org) and social media to distribute information electronically.