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EarthStream, A New Streaming Platform Supports Animal Welfare & Environmental Nonprofits By Airing TV Shows & Films - Environmental Blog Dec 2021

Posted 01 Dec 2021 in Environmental Blog

As the planet faces unprecedented challenges EarthStream provides an essential new digital streaming world that includes powerful and impactful narratives ...

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OURF Holiday Blog - Youth Ambassador Forum Nov 2021

Posted 03 Nov 2021 in Youth Ambassador Forum

OURF Holiday Eco-gift Ideas, by Jack Dalton, Kid Conservationist and OURF Youth Ambassador.

As Halloween comes to a close, the ...

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Global environmental heroes to be honored at 2021 Pongo Awards November 13th at the Indonesian Consulate in Los Angeles - OURF News Nov 2021

Posted 02 Nov 2021 in OURF News

Honorees include Netflix/Silverback Films' “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet," Aspiration, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and other conservation leaders


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New study identifies regions of greatest conservation potential for species, water quality, carbon - Environmental News Oct 2021

Posted 01 Oct 2021 in Environmental News

- A new study has mapped out the regions where conservation actions can maximize the protection of biodiversity, carbon stocks, ...

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Oil palms alone can be damaging; with other crops, the benefits abound - Environmental News Sep 2021

Posted 22 Sep 2021 in Environmental News

- Intercropping in oil palm plantations can reduce deforestation, increase biodiversity, and boost farmers’ income, all without hurting palm oil ...

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Indonesia terminates agreement with Norway on $1b REDD+ scheme - Environmental News Sep 2021

Posted 10 Sep 2021 in Environmental News

- The Indonesian government has decided to terminate a $1 billion deal with Norway under which Indonesia preserves its rainforests ...

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OURF programs continue throughout the pandemic - OURF News Sep 2021

Posted 01 Sep 2021 in OURF News

While the Covid-19 Pandemic impacts all aspects of global society, particularly human health and the economy, conservation education programs funded ...

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Orangutan Habitat Conservation in the COVID-19 World - Environmental Blog Aug 2021

Posted 28 Aug 2021 in Environmental Blog

By T. Joseph Cravens.   Because orangutans are already threatened by habitat loss and illegal hunting in ...

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Pain Points, Inspiration - What's Your Story? - Orangutan Coach Aug 2021

Posted 28 Aug 2021 in Orangutan Coach

By Becky Keller, Orangutan Coach.  Clients come to me with concerns or questions for which they are seeking help. They ...

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The Silence of the Night - Orangutan Coach Aug 2021

Posted 19 Aug 2021 in Orangutan Coach

By Becky Keller, Orangutan Coach.  It's late at night. I want to go mail a card so it will go ...

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