Inspired and motivated individuals can make a difference.

We would like to help such people support fundraising projects to benefit OURF and its conservation education programs.

To do that we are creating personal fundraising pages for anyone with a desire to seek donations from friends, family and other people inspired by the call to action.

Think about it: you can have your own fundraising page to raise money for: an Orangutan Caring Scholarship or fellowship, to create an education event (such as Orangutan Caring Week), to participate in an ecotour, to purchase trees on degraded land, or to fund a school outreach program in Sumatra. As long as it is part of our mission, you can be a vital key to the success of funding one or more of our programs.

Here is how to do this: 

  1. Decide what you want to fund (for example, join an ecotour and raise your required donation)

  2. Figure out what you are going to do (for example, ask friends and family to donate)

  3. Set a goal (for example, raise $1,000)

  4. Contact us and let us know your plans including how long you want to fundraise.

  5. We will set up your page with a Paypal Donate button linked to your specific project.

  6. Use social media to get the word out (for example, your Facebook and Twitter account), place the code for your page in your email, and encourage people to visit your fundraising page.

  7. Hold an event (like a dinner or party) to gather people around the computer and have them click and donate on your page. Make it fun and inspiring. 

  8. Let people know they can get a tax-deduction for doing something wonderful like this.

  9. Don't give up...Keep working towards your goal and feel the satisfaction of reaching it. 

We will help you succeed in your goal because in the long run, we succeed when you raise funds for OURF

All donors of will receive a receipt from Orang Utan Republik Foundation that will serve as proof of their fully tax-deductible contribution.

Now it is up to you!

PLEASE CONTACT US at if you would like to set up your own fundraising page to support OURF.