Threats to Orangutans

Orangutans have been dying from both direct and indirect causes. Learn more about the specific issues that continue to threaten their survival.

  • Palm Oil

    Huge demand for palm oil is undoubtedly the greatest threat to orangutans. As forests are converted to palm oil plantations, the animals are rapidly losing their habitat. Read more

  • Hunting

    Hunting for meat takes an unusually high toll on orangutans. Read more

  • The Illegal Pet Trade

    While it's been illegal to own or trade orangutans in Indonesia and Malaysia for decades, the orangutan trade continues to flourish. Read more

  • Logging

    Read more

  • Conflict with Humans

    Conflict between humans and wildlife is one of the greatest threats to the survival of endangered species throughout the world, including orangutans. Read more

  • Agriculture

    Agriculture is expanding throughout the orangutan's range, fragmenting its remaining habitat. Read more

  • Other Issues

    Illegal gold mining, the pulp and paper industries, climate change, and forest fires are also impacting orangutan populations. Read more