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Give a thoughtful gift or make yourself feel good. For as little as $20 a month you can help support a student to study to become a conservation leader.

Study areas include biology, forestry, or environmental science for four years or a student to study veterinary science for five years, at a college or university in Aceh, North Sumatra, Central Borneo, or West Kalimantan.

Education enriches all our lives in many ways. For a talented Indonesian student, the opportunity for higher education is a life-changing event to become a future leader in conservation. The Orangutan Caring Scholarships build the capacity of young scientists and contribute to sustainable development within Indonesia, benefiting many. The scholarships established a cadre of community leaders who are knowledgeable and sympathetic to the conservation of orangutans and their forest homes. Empowering people to be involved in local conservation is often the cheapest solution with the greatest impact to reduce threats to ecosystems and wildlife. During their studies, the scholarship recipients participate in outreach programs to grade school students in environmentally sensitive areas. This helps young Indonesians learn about local environmental issues that impact their communities and inspires them to contribute to conservation.

Over half of the scholarships have been awarded to women. Giving women the opportunity to undertake studies in traditionally male-dominated areas addresses gender inequality in the leadership of environmental science and conservation. It gives women access to a better income and the opportunity to contribute to decision-making about their local environment.

“People who live close to the natural world don’t have romantic ideas about it, but they know about its welfare and care about its welfare, and will look after it given the chance” – Sir David Attenborough

Since 2006, we have sponsored 244 students and many of the 156 scholarship graduates are working as interns or in various positions of influence for environmental conservation. Others are conducting research on health issues related to orangutans. The graduates’ work has many benefits to communities by providing knowledge and leadership on local environmental issues.

A Success Story

The following students are virtual Ambassadors for the Orangutan Caring Scholarships. Your support will go directly towards supporting these students and others in the scholarship program. You or someone you gift will receive an environmentally-friendly digital (pdf) kit of photographs, stories and certificates recognizing your support. 

By sponsoring a student, you're providing:

  • Tuition support to study biology, forestry, environmental science or veterinary science at a college or university in Aceh, North Sumatra, Central Borneo or West Borneo. 
  • Enrichment and stimulation to develop their knowledge and skills through higher education and our mentorship program.
  • Participation of student in outreach programs at local schools and community.
  • Internship at participating non-profit organizations orangutan conservations and habitat protection.
  • Empowerment and opportunity for the student to become a future community leader who's knowledgeable and sympathetic to the conservation of orangutans and their forest homes.
  • Building capacity of young scientists and contribute to sustainable development within Indonesia and the world.

Arfah Nasution

Arfah received the grant from the Orangutan Caring Scholarship Program in 2011 when she was at North Sumatra University in Indonesia. Her interest and knowledge in wildlife, biodiversity and orangutan conservations had flourished through research activities and an internship she was required to do as part of the scholarship program. In 2013, she conducted field research on the “Batang Toru Orangutan” also known as the “Tapanuli Orangutan.” With fewer than 800 individuals left, the species had been declared critically endangered. Through this field research, where she had spent 3 months working closely with the locals and gathering more data about the remarkable species, she discovered her heightened passion in this specific field.

In 2015 Arfah wrote two scientific articles and posters that were published in two international forums in Indonesia and Japan. In 2016, she attended a winter workshop and international student conference at Ibaraki University in Japan and International Primate Conference. In 2017, Arfah attended  Tropical Biology Association Field Course in Sabah, Malaysia and International Conference on Biosciences (ICoBio) in Bogor Indonesia. In 2018, she attended Conservation Camp In Central Sulawesi, Wildlife Conservation Course in Malaysia, Indonesia Ornithologist Conference, and Pangolin Conservation Action Plan working group.

Her aspiration is to expand her chance to be further involved in more impactful research about biodiversity conservation and to have it published in scientific journals. Through her passion and dream, Arfah hopes to influence people, especially her generation and future generations regarding the importance of wildlife conservation and preserving the environment.


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