Community Education and Conservation Program

The Community Education and Conservation Program (CECP) was created in late 2019 by the members of the newly formed Sustainable Green Sumatra Foundation (YSHL) based in Medan, North Sumatra. Comprised of motivated and experienced conservation educators, the CECP delivers formal and informal education programs to schools and villages near Mount Leuser National Park and works with local farmers in villages to reduce conflict with ape populations in adjacent forest habitats using humane methods and by enhancing agroforestry techniques that improve productivity on existing farm and community forestland including the creation of recycling/waste management/composting projects, soil quality enhancement, tree-planting, and developing appropriate permaculture methods.

In addition, CECP provides support and training for improving the livelihood of villagers located in key areas around Mount Leuser National Park.  

We encourage public support of this program by donating to either the CECP Giving Appeal or the Village Education Campaign to Reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict.

YSHL team

The newly formed YSHL (Yayasan Sumatra Hijau Lestari) team (2019)