OURF Corporate Sponsors

OURF values the corporate partners who have made a commitment to support our mission in various ways. Company leadership understands explicitly the value in what we are doing and wants to contribute in a tangible way. Some companies give a percentage of their sales or profits to our cause, others will help us reach a new audience by sharing information in their retail outlet. Some will stage events to raise funds for us. Whether you call it corporate social responsibility or business-minded philanthropy, its impact is significant and appreciated.  We are happy to showcase those businesses who are significant partners in our continuous quest to fund our mission’s projects and programs. We hope you will visit their websites and consider supporting us through the purchase of their products and services.


Canopy Partners - Contributions between $5,000 - $9,999


Excelso         Panomatics       Indonesia Media  Nusatuna

Understory Partners -Contributions between $1,000 - $4,999



Shrub Partners - Contributions between $500 - $999



Forest Floor Partner - Contributions between $100 - $499


Green Kids Club    DealsDaddy