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Memories of 50 Years with Orangutans - OURF Blog Sep 2023

Posted 16 Sep 2023 in OURF Blog

by Gary L Shapiro, PhD, President OURF

In late 2011, as I walked down the 200-meter boardwalk to the Sekonyer ...

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The 9th Annual Pongo Awards are Coming! - Youth Ambassador Forum Sep 2023

Posted 10 Sep 2023 in Youth Ambassador Forum

by Jack Dalton, the Kid Conservationist

In 2021, I had the unique opportunity to attend the ...

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Indonesia awards biggest Indigenous forest claim yet to Bornean Dayaks - Environmental News Sep 2023

Posted 05 Sep 2023 in Environmental News

  • The Indonesian government has officially recognized the biggest swath yet of forests that fall under the ancestral domain of ...

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Orang Utan Republik Foundation to Hold Annual Pongo Awards to Honor Environmental Achievement and Benefit Critically Endangered Orangutans - Environmental News Aug 2023

Posted 28 Aug 2023 in Environmental News , OURF News

The evening fundraiser in Santa Monica will honor world-renowned nature photographer and filmmaker, James Balog (Chasing Ice, The Human Element), ...

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Migrating orangutan males imitate locals to learn about food: Study - Orangutan News Jul 2023

Posted 24 Jul 2023 in Orangutan News

  • Male orangutans that resettle to a new area appear to be imitating the behavior of a local individual in ...

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OURF Volunteer Profile - Nemily Handayani - OURF Volunteers Jul 2023

Posted 20 Jul 2023 in OURF Volunteers

Greetings! I am proud and beyond grateful to be Indonesian-American. As a child, I first fell in love with orangutans ...

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OURF Supports Student Attendance at International Primate Conference - OURF News Jul 2023

Posted 13 Jul 2023 in OURF News

Dimas Teja Kusuma, a fourth-year undergraduate who received an Orang Utan Caring Scholarship in 2020 was pleasantly surprised when the ...

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Migrant Orangutans Uncover Culinary Secrets from Locals - Orangutan News Jul 2023

Posted 11 Jul 2023 in Orangutan News

Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable findings of an international research team led by Leipzig University and the Max ...

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Let's Focus on Scholarships for Conservation! - Youth Ambassador Forum Jun 2023

Posted 24 Jun 2023 in Youth Ambassador Forum

by Jack Dalton, the Kid Conservationist.

"Investing in education and scholarships is investing in the future of orangutan conservation.” -Dr. ...

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Fight for survival: The battle to save the last Tapanuli orangutans - Orangutan News Jun 2023

Posted 04 Jun 2023 in Orangutan News

  • The Tapanuli orangutan was described in 2017 as a new great ape species, and with a population of less ...

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