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Orang Utan Republik Foundation to Hold Annual Pongo Awards to Honor Environmental Achievement and Benefit Critically Endangered Orangutans - Environmental News Aug 2023

Posted 28 Aug 2023 in Environmental News , OURF News

The evening fundraiser in Santa Monica will honor world-renowned nature photographer and filmmaker, James Balog (Chasing Ice, The Human Element), ...

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OURF Supports Student Attendance at International Primate Conference - OURF News Jul 2023

Posted 13 Jul 2023 in OURF News

Dimas Teja Kusuma, a fourth-year undergraduate who received an Orang Utan Caring Scholarship in 2020 was pleasantly surprised when the ...

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Successful Conflict Mitigation Efforts Foster Coexistence between Humans and Wildlife - OURF News May 2023

Posted 01 May 2023 in OURF News

In the villages of Lau Damak, Batu Jongjong, and Ujung Bandar within the buffer zone of Gunung Leuser National Park ...

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Environmental education initiatives continue in CECP-4 - OURF News Apr 2023

Posted 19 Apr 2023 in OURF News

In the first quarter of 2023, the Yayasan Sumatra Hijau Lestari (YSHL) has been busy with environmental education initiatives in ...

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International Creatives Celebrated During Orangutan Caring Week 2022 - OURF News Nov 2022

Posted 13 Nov 2022 in OURF News

Santa Monica, CA - The Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) announced the winning entries of a graphic art ...

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OURF Volunteer Profile- John Page - OURF News Nov 2022

Posted 06 Nov 2022 in OURF News , OURF Volunteers

The Orang Utan Republik's volunteer IT Chair, John Page fell in love with orangutans decades ago when at the Singapore ...

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Join our 'No Fuss' Fundraiser! - OURF News Oct 2022

Posted 27 Oct 2022 in OURF News

You are invited to Orang Utan Republik Foundation's “No Fuss” Fundraiser!

The Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF), also serving as ...

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2022 Orangutan Caring Week Celebrates Orangutans and the Heroes Who Help Save Them - OURF News Oct 2022

Posted 25 Oct 2022 in OURF News

SANTA MONICA, CA, October 25, 2022 -- Orangutan Caring Week is a worldwide event held annually every November. ...

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OURF Youth Ambassador Jack Dalton Wins National Award for Heroic Service Activity - OURF News Sep 2022

Posted 29 Sep 2022 in OURF News , Youth Ambassador Forum

The Orang Utan Republik Foundation is proud to announce that on September 20th, Jack Dalton (aka The ...

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The First OCS Graduate from Central Kalimantan - OURF News Aug 2022

Posted 31 Aug 2022 in OURF News , Student Sponsorship Updates

The Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) has been investing in the future of Indonesian conservation and wildlife management ...

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