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Membership in OURF just got a lot better!  Starting in June, OURF will offer members and active volunteers (volunteers who volunteer 60 or more hours/year) FREE “Orangutan Coaching”!  What is Orangutan Coaching you ask?  I will let Becky Keller, our new Chair of our Education Committee explain this unique new Membership benefit and introduce herself at the same time. I have known Becky for over 25 years when I first spoke to her about orangutans.  She contacted me about orangutans and their native habitat of Borneo and we have remained in contact ever since. I think this is a very special benefit that our Members will enjoy. - Gary Shapiro, President, OURF

Hi Everyone! I am deeply honored to officially join OURF as the Chair of the Education Committee.  Volunteering with OURF in this capacity allows me to serve in the areas in which I feel are so very important and for which I am most passionate.   I am fortunate that I have been able to travel to Borneo several times along with my three daughters while living overseas working in Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, and the Environmental fields. 

Becky and Sara in Borneo

Becky and daughter Sara Keller during a Borneo visit in 1996


Combining that work experience along with my counseling degree and being certified as a Life Coach and Qigong Trainer allows me to combine all my passions into one area focusing on my lifelong passion for orangutans. For the next few weeks, I will be writing some short articles regarding my experiences with orangutans and life in general.  It’s kind of my way of letting you know a bit more about me, about volunteering with OURF (which is such an awesome organization), how working with an Orangutan Coach can not only benefit you as a member and volunteer of OURF but also how coaching can benefit you in your own life journey as you go forth pursuing your passion in life.  I look forward to getting to know all of you and hopefully will work closely with you as we all continue our journey making the life of our near and dear primate relatives – the orangutans – a safer and better world in which to live.

Hopefully, you will find the articles helpful in determining if Orangutan coaching is something from which you could benefit  Be sure and keep an eye out for the next article as we learn more together.

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Rebecca G. Keller, MCLC, B.S,. M.A.

  • Master Certified Life Coach
  • Heal Your Life Coach/Workshop Leader
  • Certified Spring Forest Qigong Trainer/Practice Group Leader
  • Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer




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