2022 August - Primanda's Progress

Primanda Aulia Rachman, recipient of the Orangutan Caring Scholarship studies Biology at Syiah Kuala University, in Aceh, Sumatra. He provided this update:

So far, I have passed 2 semesters of study, plus the ongoing 3rd semester. In the current semester, I got 22-semester credits that I used to take some of the courses, specifically Climatology, Basic Ecology Science, Animal Structures, Plant Structures, Basic Microbiology, Basic Genetics, and English course.

Besides running the academic activities, I also joined several campus organizations, such as Biology Students Association (department-based), University Student Executive Board (known as BEM U), a campus martial arts organization, and worked as a volunteer at one of the campuses integrated service unit (UPT). I do this because I want to improve my social abilities and prepare for my future when I need to look for a job.

We know that we have passed through almost a year facing the Covid-19 pandemic situation. However, this critical situation didn’t make me lose of my will for everything. Some of the events that I have participated in were: The Training and Education Program about Conservancy by The Ministry of Youth and Sport (via ‘Zoom’), then The Student Product Innovation Program by campus, then a Hult Prize socialization, and last but not least, an Observation Movement of ‘Amfibi Reptil Kita’ by Indonesian Herpetologist Association.


Certificate of participation in the campus Hult Prize socialization (August, 2020)



Here is some documentation of my activities:


Graphic 1

Training and Education (Diklat) by the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sport (August 2020)



Evaluation by UPT Kewirausahaan Universitas Syiah Kuala for my team in the PIPM program (January, 2021)


Graphic 2

Training session of GO-ARK program (November, 2020)


Snake observation

Observation time! Malayan krait (Bungarus candidus) picture taken by me (December 2020)