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Indonesia is in the grip of another horrendous fire season and the impact on Critically Endangered orangutans is becoming catastrophic.

We are urgently raising funds to assist our partners carry out daily patrols of fire-prone ecosystems, including the Sebangau Forest in Central Kalimantan, home to the largest population of Bornean orangutans in the world.

Our partner’s community patrols are on high alert and are frequently being called to extinguish grass and forest fires before they take hold. Your support today will ensure rapid-response fire-fighting teams are strongly resourced to prevent further fires igniting, and are equipped with the protective clothes, transport and equipment they need to put out forest fires before they destroy precious habitats.

Our partners are also now working round the clock to restore conditions beneath this precious ecosystem, so the highly inflammable peat, drained and degraded through years of previous deforestation, doesn’t set alight. Horrendous peat fires have already burnt thousands of hectares of this habitat,  destroying the lives of people, orangutans and many other threatened species in the most distressing way possible. 

Our partners at Centre for Orangutan Protection have also joined forces with the Ministry of Forestry and the National Disaster Mitigation Body to fight fires in the Labanan Forest, Kalimantan. Donations to this appeal will support their efforts.

Your gift today will help prevent disastrous fires throughout Indonesia and will save the lives of critical populations of orangutans, gibbons, clouded leopards, sun bears, wildcats, pangolins and thousand more rare and precious species. 

Please give now and help us deliver emergency fire-fighting funds to our partners on the ground!

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