Orang Utan Republik Foundation Website Migrates to New Terrain

After more than 14 years, the official Orang Utan Republik Foundation website has a new appearance and is being hosted on servers that also manage The Orangutan Project-USA website.

Since the beginning of the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF), President Dr. Gary Shapiro has worked with volunteer support to build and develop the OURF website. Volunteer John Page provided expertise and help in expanding the original organizational website to provide significant functionality especially for visitors seeking information about orangutans, wildlife, the plight of endangered species, and the ecological issues impacting them. Others like Chris Wiggs developed much of the written content. Additionally, graphics and videos delivered visual content that illustrated information about the organization, orangutans, environmental issues, and what the organization has been doing to meet its mission goals. Finally, the website made it possible for supporters to participate in funding projects and programs being administered by OURF.

As part of the partnership with The Orangutan Project, Shapiro decided to migrate the primary OURF website to the same platform that has been successful with TOP-USA (www.theorangutanproject.org).  One of the reasons was to make use of the platform’s built-in robust donor management system that would allow OURF a better way to interact with supporters and donors. OURF was paying to use other cloud-based donor management software which is no longer necessary.

OURF is still in the process of migrating content, especially tabular information, as well as adapting OURF specific information to the new platform.

OURF thanks John Page and Multimedia Productions for volunteer support over the many years. If visitors to the website have any questions, feel free to contact OURF at info@orangutanrepublik.org.

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