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OURF Volunteer Profile - David Blake

I have been volunteering with the OURF for over five years and I am so fortunate to have found this non-profit!

Even as a kid, I was fascinated by the orangutan! I recall as a kid seeing "King Louie" in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book and being instantly intrigued by the orangutan's unique features. Since then, I have spent lots of time learning about orangutans and their tremendous role in maintaining their ecosystem. Today, I am an active advocate for orangutan conservation and take great pride in being a volunteer for the Orang Utan Republik Foundation. 

When I joined the OURF, I immediately knew this is a dedicated non-profit that deeply supports orangutan conservation. I learned about the organization while researching a trip to Sumatra and, to get the most out of my Indonesian adventure, I raised over $1000 for orangutan conservation. The president of OURF, Dr. Gary Shapiro, helped connect me with orangutan advocates in Sumatra to whom I could hand deliver the donation. That experience showed me that the OURF helps save orangutans by investing in practical conservation strategies that support local education and sustainability. I find this foundation's approach to supporting conservation exciting and am always happy to meet new volunteers who want to get involved.

Take the opportunity to do what you can for orangutan conservation! As a recent college graduate, time is limited for me. However, I have always felt this organization respects my time and effort. Whether you're helping organize an event or posting exciting articles, every little bit counts, and I encourage you to join the OURF volunteer team!

David Blake 

Content Creation Team Volunteer

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