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OURF Volunteer Profile - Nastassia Rodriguez - OURF Volunteers Apr 2023

Posted 17 Apr 2023 in OURF Volunteers

I have always been passionate about great apes. Growing up, I was fascinated with chimpanzees, now as an adult, I ...

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OURF Profile- Becky Keller - Orangutan News Jan 2023

Posted 26 Jan 2023 in Orangutan News , OURF Volunteers

Becky Keller first met Dr. Gary Shapiro over 25 years ago. She had a passion for orangutans, and she found ...

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OURF Volunteer Profile- John Page - OURF News Nov 2022

Posted 06 Nov 2022 in OURF News , OURF Volunteers

The Orang Utan Republik's volunteer IT Chair, John Page fell in love with orangutans decades ago when at the Singapore ...

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OURF Volunteer Profile - David Blake - OURF Volunteers Oct 2022

Posted 02 Oct 2022 in OURF Volunteers

I have been volunteering with the OURF for over five years and I am so fortunate to have found this ...

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Volunteer Profile: Nicky Massara - OURF Volunteers Aug 2022

Posted 17 Aug 2022 in OURF Volunteers

Joining the Orang Utan Republik Foundation's Volunteer Program has been a meaningful way to do my part in helping to ...

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Volunteers Continue to Help OURF Thrive - OURF News Apr 2021

Posted 21 Apr 2021 in OURF News

by Gary Shapiro, OURF President.     “Thanks for helping out today, John,” is what I said to volunteer John Page ...

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