Let's Focus on Scholarships for Conservation!

by Jack Dalton, the Kid Conservationist.

"Investing in education and scholarships is investing in the future of orangutan conservation.” -Dr. Gary L. Shapiro, President, and Founder, Orang Utan Republik Foundation.

Since it was founded in 2006, one of Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF)’s most successful initiatives has sent 244 Indonesian students to college. This initiative is called the Orangutan Caring Scholarship. For every scholarship, an Indonesian student goes to college, receives access to internships at local schools and nonprofits, and is able to join a mentorship program to further their leadership skills. This program is building strong members of the Indonesian community so that together they can build a better future for the local rainforests and the entire planet.

Central Borneo OCS recipients and others

Central Borneo Orangutan Caring Scholarship recipients (holding certificates) with other competing students, university administrators, NGO reps and donors at award ceremony in June 2023. 


The students who are a part of this program study biology, forestry, environmental science, or veterinary science, all fields that lead to work researching or conserving orangutan and animal populations, as well as protecting the local rainforests. These scholarship recipients are in Indonesia, the home of the orangutans, which is why these students have the potential to make a massive impact for orangutans. After graduating, many of them do and already have, moved on to help and research orangutans full-time.

OCS Student Mega

Mega Oktaviani Gunawan- OCS Student in West Kalimantan


By providing education and scholarships to young men and women in communities near these habitats, we ensure that they understand the importance of conservation and are better equipped to preserve these vital environments," Dr. Gary Shapiro.


As the Kid Conservationist, I have the goal to get orangutans off the endangered species list, and I believe that education is the key to doing this. This initiative holds the immense power to create the change needed to make this a reality. For just $20 a month- $240 a year, you can send a student to college for a whole year. You also get updated on your sponsored student’s progress so you can see the impact they were able to make because of you.

Eco bag makes and eco gift

We all can and should support this impactful initiative. This year, I will focus on collecting funds and selling my Kid Conservationist-designed reusable bags and send all the proceeds to the Orangutan Caring Scholarship Program. These bags also reduce the need for plastic and paper bags, resulting in less waste locally. Both the local and global environment are changed for the better because of this product. For just a few dollars!

Sending Indonesian students to college is important and impactful to our whole world. In just 15 years, this program has already made such a difference to those who have been a part of it. Hopefully, this initiative can continue to grow and support even more students and species in Indonesia. Please support the cause here: orangutanrepublik.org/sponsor. Buying a reusable bag also helps the initiative- and those can be purchased here: kidconservationist.com/shop  Every little bit helps!