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New Report Finds Indonesian Forestry Company Cleared Endangered Orangutan Habitat - Mar 2021

Posted 29 Mar 2021

- A new report has identified the secretive Nusantara Fiber group as being responsible for the most deforestation by the ...

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Deforestation in Indonesia hits record low, but experts fear a rebound - Environmental News Mar 2021

Posted 23 Mar 2021 in Environmental News

- The deforestation rate in Indonesia last year fell by 75% to its lowest level since monitoring began in 1990, ...

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2021 March - Prillicia's Progress - Student Sponsorship Updates Mar 2021

Posted 07 Mar 2021 in Student Sponsorship Updates

Prillicia Gumbang, the talented recipient of one of the 2018 Central Borneo Orangutan Caring Scholarships named to honor the life ...

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Rescuing orangutans ‘doesn’t work’ for apes or forests, studies find - Orangutan News Mar 2021

Posted 03 Mar 2021 in Orangutan News

- New research suggests taking Bornean orangutans from degraded habitat and moving them to new areas is not good for ...

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Forest patches amid agriculture are key to orangutan survival: Study - Orangutan News Feb 2021

Posted 27 Feb 2021 in Orangutan News

- A recent study highlights the importance of small fragments of forest amid landscapes dominated by agriculture for ...

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Indonesia to push for mine rehab, reforestation after deadly floods - Environmental News Feb 2021

Posted 15 Feb 2021 in Environmental News

- The Indonesian government plans to reforest watershed areas in the Bornean province of South Kalimantan and compel coal-mining companies ...

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Ending tropical deforestation is vital to public health, scientists say - Environmental News Feb 2021

Posted 06 Feb 2021 in Environmental News

- Deforestation in the tropics, mostly caused by agriculture, is driving an increased rate of pathogen spillover from wildlife to ...

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An Environmental Crisis in Borneo - Environmental Blog Feb 2021

Posted 03 Feb 2021 in Environmental Blog

Arie Rompas is the Forest Campaign Team Leader in Greenpeace Indonesia and wrote this interesting article on activity happening in ...

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Historical data point to ‘imminent extinction’ of Tapanuli orangutan - Orangutan News Jan 2021

Posted 28 Jan 2021 in Orangutan News

 - A new study indicates that the Tapanuli orangutan, already the world’s most threatened great ape species, faces a much ...

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OURF's Youth Ambassador- Jack Dalton - Youth Ambassador Forum Jan 2021

Posted 23 Jan 2021 in Youth Ambassador Forum

Hello, my name is Jack and I am a 10-year-old from New Hampshire in the United States. Like all 10-year-olds ...

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